Published articles include –

  1. IEEE SmartGrid Newsletter Aug 2019 Load Forecast article
  2. FERC Order 841 levels the playing field for energy storage
  3. Why grid scale storage penetration increases
  4. Distributed Energy Resources Aggregration Opportunities in FERC jurisdictional ISOs
  5. Energy Storage at Water Pumping Stations for resiliency and backup power
  6. Make way for ducklings i.e. distributed energy resources
  7. Impacts of Demand Response programs in wholesale markets

Also check out more blog posts here and keep up with the markets! Hungry for more? Here are some future topics in works:

  1. The Pathway to 100% Renewable must include changes in regulation, focus on operations and promotion of innovation, accepted for publication at MRS Energy & Sustainability
  2. How to treat Energy Storage as a Transmission Asset, with the reviewers at MRS Energy & Sustainability.
  3. A Proposal for Compensating Reactive Support and Voltage Control in MISO Market, accepted for publication in Electricity Journal, July 2020
  4. Best Practices from International experiences for Eastern Africa countries regarding Ancillary Services markets, accepted at Electricity Journal, August 2020.